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About Me

Carter Chang


My name is Carter Chang and I am in the class of '24 at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that I have found to be extremely rewarding. I experienced amazing results from altering the way I eat to changing my lifestyle. It is now my mission to spread this passion to as wide of an audience as possible. Some of the cool accomplishments that came once I developed this new lifestyle are: 

-Held a plank for 1:00:19 (one hour and 19 seconds) 

-Finished 1st place in my age division at the Spartan Race two years in a row

-Ran 5 miles in a time of 32:42 (6:32 average mile time) 

-Performed 100 pushups in one set 

-Performed 30 pull-ups in one set 

-Bench pressed 225lbs 

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