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Yeast Whey Program delivered to 10+

Community Outreach

Yeast Whey aims to promote well being by educating and inspiring others from all backgrounds to live a physically active and nutritionally healthy lifestyle. Yeast Whey was born from a desire to shine a light on health and fitness, particularly among the youth, as child obesity and a sedentary lifestyle have increasingly become the norm.  Yeast Whey aims to educate, inspire, and spread a love of health and fitness. 

Addressing The Issue

Yeast Whey recognizes and acknowledges the difficulty in being able to live a healthy lifestyle in a lower socioeconomic community. Yeast Whey has been working to combat the apparent food deserts and food swamps within the Southside of Chicago and communities beyond.

​Organic Oneness is a grassroots social justice organization that aims to mobilize systemic change within communities by promoting healing and wellness for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Yeast Whey teams up with Organic Oneness to promote health and well-being. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for communities that have been marginalized and are living in food deserts with high obesity and mortality rates.
Community events such as the UHigh Track and Field competition have allowed Yeast Whey and Organic Oneness to partner and raise awareness and funds for communities that have been historically sidelined. We want to spread awareness through education, fundraising, and community.


Community Interactions

Health and Fitness 

The U-High Health and Fitness Club educates students on the anatomy of muscles groups, holds synchronous workouts, and promotes an awareness of fitness within our school and neighboring communities. 

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Yeast Whey Content 

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