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Lower Body

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

The Lower Body is defined as muscles from the hips down: Quadriceps (Quads), Hamstring, Calves, Gluteus Maximus (Glutes).

Quadriceps (thigh)- Your Quadriceps work when your leg straightens out. Your Quadriceps work in relation with the Hamstrings. When the leg straightens, the Quads are working. When the leg is bent, the Hamstrings are working. Your quads are working in activity like walking, jumping, and even getting up from your seat!

Hamstring- Your Hamstring muscles work when your leg is bent. Think about when you walk, your leg cycles bending and straightening. The bending motion is with the help of the Hamstring muscles.

Calves- The calves are responsible for switching direction and movement. Shuffling sideways, walking on incline, or walking on decline. Calves are also responsible for increased speed. The calves allow for more push off the ground allowing your speed to increase.

Gluteus Maximus (Glutei )- The Glutei are responsible for power in the legs. When you run or jump you push off the ground. The glutei are the power muscles that allow for a further push off. Glutei are used in everyday activity such as sitting down!

Your leg muscles are active consistently throughout your day. You use your leg muscles for daily activity, transportation, sports, and more. Your Quads work when your leg is straight, and Hamstrings work when your leg is bent. Your Calves and Glutei help give more power to complete these activities. Your lower body muscles all work in unison to function through the day!

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